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Basics of Human Resource Management

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About Course

Human Resource Management is an essential administrative activity involved in any kind of organisation that deals with the ‘People’. Unlike any other resource, human resources need to be thoroughly learnt, managed and taken care of for the betterment of the organisation. As this process involves human beings, the utmost care has to be taken by the administrators performing this activity. A thorough understanding of human behaviour, positive outlook, and impressing attitude and knowledge in handling the most complex beings are the essential qualities required to perform this function. Along with these attributes, Human Resource Management also requires its administrators to be qualified to this professional service through academic accreditations.

This online course is an introductory phase to the concept of Human Resource Management which will give the applicant, an insight into the various Human Resource Management functions performed by the HR department of an organisation.


  • To introduce the concept of HRM to make it a career choice in future
  • To help develop skills for effective management and planning of Human Resource Functions within an organisation

Course Content:

Unit 1

1.1 Human Resources Management (HRM)

1.2 Skills Required in HR Professionals
Technical Skills
Soft Skills

Unit II: Functions of HRM-I
2.1 Human Resource Planning (HRP)
History of HRP
Affecting factors

2.2 Talent Acquisition
Sources of recruitment

2.3 Selection Process

Unit III: Functions of HRM-II
3.1 Induction Process
3.2 Learning and Development
History of L &D
Training Need Indicators
Aspects of Training
Process Flow
Emerging Trends
3.3 Remuneration Management
Influencing Factors
Salary components

Unit IV: Functions of HRM-III
Promotion, Transfers, Demotion
Policy’s Associated

4.2 Grievance Management
Identifying Factors
Mechanism of handling
Statuary provisions

Unit V: Functions of HRM-IV
5.1 Process of Separation
Role of HR

5.2 Talent Retention
Role of HR



Unit wise tests- MCQ


End of the Course examination


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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding of various HR functions
  • Scope for self-analysis
  • opportunity to interact with HR professionals
  • Chance to join HR networks

Course Content

Unit 1
This presentation will help you understand the concept of HRM and its objectives within an organisation.

  • Human Resource Management-Concept
  • Skills Required in HR Professionals
  • HR Skills-An Overview
  • Quiz- Unit I
  • Assignment- Unit I

Unit II

Unit III

Unit IV

Unit V

Final Assessment

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15 Ratings
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2 years ago
I enjoyed the lessons and the relevant examples shared by the experienced external resource personnel who delivered the content! The concepts chosen provided a very comprehensive knowledge of Human Resource Management, which makes this course very helpful for any beginner who would like to learn more about this field!

Thank you to the SAC e-learning team!
2 years ago
This course has provided me with a better understanding of HR planning . The topics of HR Management very covered well.I thank Dr.Vidhya Vinutha ma'am and St. Aloysious college for providing this wonderful learning opportunity.
3 years ago
It was very informative and tightly compact mode of education which was well organised and structured for imparting knowledge on the basic Human Resource Management. Being quite new to the field of Human Resource Management, it was helpful and useful in acquiring the knowledge to the field. Furthermore, the present of good teachers along with informative presentation and quiz made it very easy to retain the knowledge that was taught to us. Lastly, I would like to thanks Dr Vidya Vinutha and other faculty for their efforts in sharing their knowledge with us.
3 years ago
Well explained. Thank you so much for giving such opportunity
Thanks to St. Aloysius College to provide online course with certificate in area of HRM.

Topics of HRM were covered very well and use full for personal and professional developments.

Thanks to Dr .Vidhya and team for conducting this useful course.
Sanjay Jha
3 years ago
The Course was really well Explained in a Very good Manner and also the knowledge was more than basic and very well structured.
3 years ago
Really useful course ,very resourceful as well as easy to understand . Modules are arranged in flexible way . Thanks to every resource person and a special mention to Dr .Vidhya Vinutha .
3 years ago
I would like thank Dr Vidya D'Souza for conducting such a informative course on a important topic.I would also like to thank all the resource persons involved for their insights on these topics and the clarity with they could explain different facets of the subject.
3 years ago
Excellent initiative by St.Aloysius College. It is a noble job in this difficult situation.
Thanks to Dr Vidya D'Souza for hosting this useful course very nicely. Topics of HR Management were covered very well. Great Job.
I also wish to thank Dr Vidya D'Souza for the clarification provided to my questions promptly.

Thank you and regards,
3 years ago
Thanks to Dr Vidya D'Souza for hosting this useful course. Relevant topics of HR Management were covered well. The video lectures were of good quality and the quizzes were well structured. This course has provided me with a better understanding of HR planning and insights into managing human resources well. I thank SAC for providing this learning opportunity. May God bless you all.
It was an excellent course, filled with details. Within the short span of time and the limited arenas this course could have covered, Prof. Vidya and the team have gone above and beyond in covering the important topics in detail. The materials for the course was simple and lucid in language and the quiz was very simple to understand as well. Thank you so much Prof. Vidya and the team for making your best efforts.
3 years ago
Well explained with eye to every detail. Additional inputs are effective and realistic, understandable. Thank u
3 years ago
Impressed at the instructors capability to enhance learning by going systematically and delibaretly. The voice over the ppt is very clear and good. Looking forward to learn more and enhance my HR skills. Bringing the basics to refresh the skills is the need of the hour. I Suggest an interactive session with a select group of students with the instructor for online video conference to clear out certain concepts could be made available in future ?
3 years ago
Excellent Session & Pure Knowledge transfer. Very well explained, very informative and the biggest thing is we have the PPT with us.
Thank you so much mam.
You're an inspiration to students and other teachers alike. You've activated a hunger for knowledge and wisdom, inspiring me to plan my future and become a better individual. Thanks for everything.
3 years ago
We'll explained. Very neat and simplified.
The ppt , the voice was a good blend..thank you so much..