EXCEL for Business and Finance – Batch 1


Welcome to the Certificate Course on Excel for Business and Finance offered by the Department of M.Com (Finance and Analytics), St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru. In this course, we will take you through a journey from basics to best practices in analytics using Microsoft Excel.

Excel for Business and Finance enables you to utilize Microsoft Excel for the business environment. You will learn how to use Microsoft Excel efficiently using functions, shortcuts, decision making tools, What-If analysis, statistical tools, multi-page systems and look ups, data menu and ribbon, financial tools, and solver add-in, in over 8 Modules consisting of 31 Lessons. This course will cover lessons of the book “Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBA’s” by Isaac Gottlieb.

We have refined the course content to suit learners from diverse backgrounds to help you enhance your practical and analytical skills. We hope you find this course both useful and engaging.

The Course began on June 15, 2020.

The Course Ending date  and the final assessment will be on 20th July, 2020.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will develop an understanding of Microsoft Excel
  • You will learn how to prepare professional Excel sheets and to use Excel functions
  • You will learn to use financial tools available in Excel for financial modelling

Topics for this course

77 Lessons30h

Module 1: Learn to Use Excel Efficiently?

This module helps you learn the basic Excel operations to use the software efficientlyIt will help you improve your speed, efficiency, accuracy in operating the software.

Lesson 1: AutoFill?

The lesson will help you understand the AutoFill, Customs Lists, AutoFill Options, and Right Drag AutoFill features in Microsoft Excel. The aim of the course is to give you a hands-on experience. Hence, please download the Excel Sheet named "AutoFill" for practice throughout all the lesson videos. We expect you to practice as and when you watch the video.

Lesson 2: How to make a selection in Excel?

Learn the shortcuts to select cells, ranges and sheets quickly. Please use your solved Excel sheet of Lesson 1 for practicing this lesson.

Lesson 3: Functions, Relative Addressing and Absolute Addressing, Formulas?

Learn how to insert formulas, functions, and use relative and absolute addressing.

Lesson 4: Naming Cells?

Learn how to name cells and ranges, how to manage names and to use names in formulas.

Lesson 5: Charts?

Learn how to create and format 2D and 3D charts.

Quiz on Module 1

Module 2: IF functions and Text Manipulations?

Learn how to use IF functions, and to import data from other sources.

Lesson 6: IF Functions

Lesson 7: Text Manipulations?

Learn how to separate continuous data into columns.

Quiz on Module 2

Module 3: Statistical Tools?

Learn Descriptive Statistics, Frequency Distributions, Statistical Regressions and Data Analysis using Add in

Lesson 8: Descriptive Statistics?

Learn to calculate Descriptive Statistics using functions in Excel

Lesson 9 : Frequency Distributions

Lesson 10: Statistical Regression

Lesson 11: Data Analysis using Statistics Add – in

Quiz on Module 3

Module 4: What-if Analysis

Lesson 12: Naming Cells – for decision making and modeling

Lesson 13: What-if Analysis – Goal Seek

Lesson 14: What-if Analysis – Data Tables

Lesson 15: What-if Analysis – Scroll Bars

Quiz on Module 4

Module 5: Multipage Systems and Lookups

Lesson 16: Multi-Page Budgets

Lesson 17: Lookup Tables

Quiz on Module 5

Module 6: The Data Menu and Ribbon

Lesson 18: Sorting Data

Lesson 19: AutoFilter

Lesson 20: Data Forms

Lesson 21: Group and Outline Data

Lesson 22: Subtotals

Lesson 23: Pivot Tables

Lesson 24: Data Mining Using Pivot Tables

Quiz on module 6

Module 7: Excel Financial Tools

Lesson 25: NPV and IRR – Evaluating Capital Investments

Lesson 26: Unconventional Financial Functions : XNPV and XIRR

Lesson 27: Frequently Used Financial Functions

Lesson 28: Amortization Tables

Lesson 29: Accounting Depreciation Functions

Quiz on module 7

Module 8: Using the Solver Add-In

Lesson 30: Using Solver to go beyond Goal Seek

Lesson 31: The Solve Add-In Optimizer

Quiz on Module 8

Final Assessment

Course Evaluation


Additional Material?

Will be uploaded soon

About the instructors

4.96 (24 ratings)

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4.96 (24 ratings)

2 Courses

0 students

Mr Joyan Dsouza Assistant Professor and Head - M.Com (Finance and Analytics) Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Kodialbail, Mangalore - 575 003, Karnataka, India. Ph: 8903838343 joyandsouza@staloysius.edu.in dsouzajoyan@gmail.com
4.96 (24 ratings)

2 Courses

368 students

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very much insightful

Well explained

Very well Explained...!!! Thank you

excellent course . its a worth course no course in the sac e learning that i have got in. this course has got such a knowledge in simple words the concept of major financial tools of excel was thought in simple words . in the my 9th exams i lost marks in look up tables but know when the lecturers explained here its just crystal clear for myself . though i am a student who has not even completed 10 th standard . its a sort of great achievement for the dept of finance & analytics(M com). a 10th std student could understand all the higher level toipcs . i would like to be thankful for the dept of finance & analystics(M com) thank you once again

Excellent course content.

Well prepared, detailed explanation is given in every lesson.

I just wanted to take a moment of the day and thank you for all of the excel information that you have provided.




Well prepared and well-illustrated. Thank you.



It's good!!!

Good Lecturing




superb !!



Good lecturing



Material Includes

  • Recorded Video Lectures and Excel worksheets for practice


  • A system, personal computer or a laptop with Microsoft Excel 2007 and above

Target Audience

  • A decision maker; a management executive; an analyst in field of finance, accounting, sales, human resourses, marketing and sales; a student interested in improving technical skills