22111 Food Processing and Preservation

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Preservation allows people to ship foods over greater distances, stock them in stores longer, and enjoy them for a greater part of the year with more nutrients intact. Processing can also help to inhibit or destroy pathogens (disease-causing organisms) that may contaminate food.

Certificate Course

Paper: Food Processing & Preservation

Objectives : To enable student –

1) To acquire knowledge of food preservation and preservation technique.

2) To know the importance and basic principles of food preservation.

Course content :

Unit I – Introduction to food preservation. – Concept, importance of food preservation. – Common terms used in food preservation. – Classification of food on the basis of pH value, technology, physiology changed condition, moisture content. – Principles of preservation.

Unit – II – Preservation by using Preservatives – Definition and Concept – Types of preservatives-Natural and Artificial – Mode of action of different preservatives

Unit – III – Preservation by drying – Concept, history Types of drying and dryers. – Treatments prior to drying

Unit – IV – Preservation by use of high temperature & Low Temperature – Concept and importance – Various methods used – Pasteurization, Boiling, Canning – Effect of high temperature on microbial content of food. – Types of preservation methods by low temperature – Different equipments used for preservation by low temperature

Reference : 1) PrakashTriveni : Food Preservation, Aadi Publication, Delhi. 2) M. ShafiurRahman : Hand Book of Food Preservation, Marcel Dekker Inc, New york. 3) McWillims and Paine : Modern Food Preservation, Surjeet Publication

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