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22414 Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

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About Course

What is the purpose of this module?

This module aims to provide students with adequate knowledge and exposure in the emerging field of holistic nutrition. This module is meant to supplement an existing course in the Food science Nutrition and Dietetics curriculum and is not an all‐inclusive curriculum by itself.

Who is the target audience for this module?

This module was created for graduate and postgraduate students of Food science, Nutrition and Dietetics and Food technology students of across the country. During the development of this module, it is assumed that a student has completed course work in biological or any allied sciences.

What are the core concepts of this module?

Holistic nutrition focuses on a natural approach to a healthy diet and considers the individual as a whole. This natural approach incorporates emotional, spiritual and physical health in relation to nutrition to create a state of wellbeing for optimum health. Hallmarks of holistic nutrition include knowledge on unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole foods and being a smart consumer. It is an approach of conscious choice of eating to benefit the individual overall health while keeping in mind sustainability of the environment.



Course objectives:

  • To provide a prospect for students to learn new concepts along with the contemporary study design.
  • To take a holistic approach to nutritional counseling skill.
  • To refine their knowledge on environmental friendly foods.
  • To educate them on food fads and myths by helping them to plan diet that revolves on concept of balancing.
  • By end of this course student would be able to understand and interpret the concept of holistic approach to nutrition and wellness and incorporate such skills as an adjunct in their career.
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What Will You Learn?

  • • Education on disease prevention
  • • Learn What, Why, and How to Eat
  • • Nutritional based healing for all.
  • • Use of natural elements as health boosters
  • • Nutrition-boosting cooking techniques
  • • Practical ways to plan healthy diets
  • • Adjunct knowledge enhancement for food & health professionals
  • • Provide life-changing skills for individuals seeking lifestyle modification.
  • • Comprehension of myths related to food and nutrition.

Course Content

Unit 1 Introduction to health and wellness
Introduction to health and wellness

  • Introduction
  • Health, Wellness & Nutrition
  • Health Physical & Mental Health

Unit 2 Eating for mind, body and spirit
Eating for mind, body and spirit

Unit 3 Self-health assessment
Self-health assessment

Unit 4 Healthy diets
Healthy Diets

Assignment 1

Unit 5 Fasting and detoxification, Diet facts and myths

Unit 6 Natural elements as food


Unit 7 Nutrition and environment sustainability
Concept of sustainability

Assignment 2

Unit 8 Nutrition Counseling

Assignment 3

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6 months ago
Very helpful in understanding human nutrition.