23018_From outbreaks to Insights: Understanding and Diagnosing emerging Viral disease

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About Course

Course Title: “From Outbreaks to Insights: Understanding and Diagnosing Emerging Viral Diseases”

    Total hours: 30

 Unit-I    (7hours)

Viral disease  Introduction to viruses, viral diseases, Outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics History of Viral outbreaks, Classification of viruses, Reservoirs of viruses, Viral disease: Ebola in West Africa, Zika Virus Epidemic in Brazil

Unit-II         (8hours)

Acquired Immuno Deficiency syndrome (AIDS), Influenza viruses (H5 N1 and H1 N1), Middle East respiratory syndrome, Severe acute respiratory syndromes (SARS), Novel corona viral disease Covid-19, Nipah disease.

Unit-III (7 hours)

Kyasanur forest disease, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), Chandipura virus, Japanese encephalitis, Dengue Virus, Chikungunya virus, Mapping of viral disease in the world, Surveillance, Infection prevention, control and clinical Care.

Unit-IV (8 hours)

Diagnosis: History of Viral disease diagnosis, Viral sampling, isolation, culture, precautions and biosafety, Principle and application of techniques involved in diagnosis like genetic material based: RT PCR and sequencing, Microscopic methods: immunofluorescence and electron microscope. Antibody based method: ELISA and Rapid detection strips, Hemagglutination assay.

Assessment methods

MCQ test

Final Test (MCQ)


1 .https://www.who.int/emergencis

2. Text book of medical microbiology by Ananthanarayanan and Panicker

3. Text book of medical microbiology by Jawetz, Melnick and Adelbergs


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What Will You Learn?

  • After the completion of this course students will be able to
  • Garner information on viral outbreaks
  • Understand different emerging viral diseases across the globe
  • Apply knowledge in viral disease diagnosis
  • Study Use of technology in rapid diagnosis of viral diseases

Course Content

Unit-I- Virus & Viral Disease

  • Introduction to Virus and viral disease-Part 1
  • Introduction to virus and viral disease-Part 2
  • Outbreaks, Epidemics and pandemics
  • History of viral outbreaks and pandemics-Part 1
  • History of Viral Outbreaks and pandemics-Part 2
  • Classification of virus-Part 1
  • Virus Classification -Part 2
  • Reservoir of Virus
  • Ebola in West Africa-Part 1
  • Ebola in West Africa-Part 2
  • Zika Virus Epidemic in Brazil-part 1
  • Zika Virus Epidemic in Brazil-part 2
  • Introduction to Virus and diseases
  • Impact of Emerging Viral Diseases on global health

Unit II-Viral Disease-I

Unit III-Viral disease II

Unit IV-Viral disease diagnosis

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