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23092_Stock market starter Pack – A beginner’s roadmap for investments

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About Course


The course objective is to empower beginners with a solid foundation in investment planning, stock market dynamics, and risk management, enabling them to make informed investment decisions, set and pursue financial goals, and navigate the stock market effectively.

Course Outcomes: On the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire foundational skills in financial planning, enabling goal setting and the creation of basic investment strategies.
  • Gain a beginner’s understanding of how the stock market operates, including its historical background and key driving factors.
  • Develop basic risk assessment abilities and learn to recognize common behavioural biases that affect investment decisions.
  • Build confidence in making informed investment choices as a beginner, allowing participants to navigate the stock market while working toward your financial goals.

Pedagogy: Online sessions, discussion, case analysis and assignments.

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Course Content

Unit 1: Investment Planning – A Beginner’s Rules of Market
Introduction to Investment Planning-The importance of financial planning, setting financial goals and objectives, Basics of creating an investment plan. Understanding Market Engagement - Different investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, real estate), Risk and return in investment, Diversification and its role in a portfolio. Investment Accounts and Tools - Types of investment accounts (e.g., brokerage, retirement), Investment tools and resources

  • Introduction to Investment Planning

Unit 2: The Stock Market – Drivers and Mechanisms
Introduction to the Stock Market, Definition and purpose of stock markets, Historical overview of stock markets, Role of stock exchanges, Market Participants and Mechanisms - Players in the stock market (investors, brokers, institutions), How stocks are bought and sold, Stock market order types, Factors Driving Stock Market Movements and stock market indices

Unit 3: – Market Gains for Staying Invested in Stocks
Advantages of Stock Investing-Potential for capital appreciation, Dividend income, Liquidity and flexibility. Historical Stock Market Performance - Historical returns on stocks, Long-term market trends, Compounding and wealth building, Investment Time Horizon -Short-term vs. long-term investing, Impact of time on investment outcomes

Unit 4: Derivatives for beginners- Introduction to derivatives market, types of derivatives
Classification based on product- Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps, Warrants, Baskets, LEAPs and Swaptions, Classification based on underlying asset, Classification based on trading. Hedging using Futures: Long Hedging Strategy & Short Hedging Strategy, Arbitrage Strategies, Option Hedging Strategies, Commodity Exchanges, Derivatives trading- Marked to Market Concept

Unit 5: Learning from Stock Market History- Case studies
Navigating Bubbles and Hype- The Dot-Com Bubble case (2000), Surviving Financial Crises-The 2008 Financial Crisis case, The Apple Turnaround Story- Apple Inc. (AAPL) Turnaround, Mastering the Buffett Approach- Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.

Assignments and Test

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2 months ago
It was good
2 months ago
Course was good but it would be very good if there were real life examples..
3 months ago
I had a very good experience in this stock market course
It was very informative and knowledgeable
4 months ago
8 months ago
very good...course a must join for newbies in investing
8 months ago