23116_Preparatory course for competitive exams in life sciences

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About Course

Preparatory Course for Competitive Exams in Life Sciences is a comprehensive and dedicated program designed to help you excel in prestigious examinations such as CSIR-NET, JAM, K-SET, and GATE. This course is meticulously crafted to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to achieve your academic and career goals in the field of life sciences.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Interactive Learning
  • Study Materials: Receive high-quality study materials, including textbooks, notes, and practice papers that are regularly updated to align with the latest exam patterns and trends.
  • Regular Assessments
  • Exam Strategies: Learn valuable tips, tricks, and strategies to manage time effectively and tackle challenging questions during the exams.
  • Motivational and Counseling Sessions: Benefit from motivational and career counseling sessions that help you stay focused and set clear goals for your academic and professional future.
  • Progress Tracking

Career Opportunities: Successful completion of this preparatory course will open doors to a range of career opportunities, including:

    1. Research Fellowships: Qualify for CSIR-NET and secure prestigious research fellowships in reputed institutions and universities.
    2. Postgraduate Admissions: Gain admission to top postgraduate programs in life sciences at esteemed universities.
    3. Teaching and Lectureship: Clear the K-SET exam to become eligible for teaching and lecturing positions at colleges and universities.
    4. Research and Industry: Open doors to research positions in both academic and industrial settings.
    5. Government Jobs: Qualify for GATE and access government job opportunities in the life sciences sector.
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Course Content

PREPARATORY COURSE FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS IN LIFE SCIENCES Course outcome: 1. To make the students aware about various competitive exams in life sciences. 2. To facilitate the minds of students for correct career goal selection through SWOT analysis. 3. To make a firm base for competitive examinations preparation. 4. To facilitate General aptitude of the candidates through a systematic preparation of a variety of competitive examinations. COURSE CONTENT: UNIT I: Introduction to competitive examinations(3 hours) Introduction to the concept of careers through competitive exams, Types of competitive exams and its relevance; Unique Approach for competitive examination preparation; Three stages of preparation- General aptitude, Conceptual clarity, Application of knowledge and its relevance to contemporary issues. UNIT II: Basics of General Aptitude (7Hrs) Exam scheme,Types of general aptitude questions, Tests Basics of Numerical ability, Logical Reasoning and Verbal ability, solving previous year questions. UNIT III: Basics of Life sciences(10 hours) Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology, Cellular Organization, Fundamental Processes Cell Communication and Cell Signalling, solving previous year question papers. UNIT IV: Advanced topics of Life sciences(10 Hrs) System Physiology – Animal, Inheritance Biology,Diversity of Life Forms, Ecological Principles Evolution and Behaviour, Applied Biology, Methods in Biology

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