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python Beginner course.


Introduction to Features and Applications of Python; Flavors of python. Thrust Areas of python.

Python Basics: Identifiers, Keywords, Statements and Expressions, Variables Operators, Precedence and Association, Data Types, Indentation, Comments, reading input, print output , Type Conversions, type() functions and special operators. Python Libraries; Importing Libraries with Examples. Format Specifiers; Escape Sequences; mathematical functions and random functions.

Python Control Flow: Types of Control Flow, Control Flow Statements- if, else, elif, while loop, break, continue statements, for loop Statement, range () and exit () functions.

Exception Handling: Types of Errors; Exceptions, Exception Handling using try, except and finally.

Python Functions: types of functions, built in functions, python user defined functions, types of function arguments, anonymous functions, recursion


Strings: Creating and Storing Strings; Accessing String Characters; the str () function, Operations on Strings- Concatenation, Comparison, Slicing and Joining, String Methods, formatting strings.

Lists: Creating Lists, Operations on Lists, Built-in Functions on Lists, list methods, del statement

Dictionaries: Creating Dictionaries, Operations on Dictionaries, Built-in Functions on Dictionaries, Dictionary Methods.

Tuples and Sets: Creating Tuples, Operations on Tuples, Built-in Functions on Tuples,Tuple Methods;

Creating Sets Operations on Sets, Built-in Functions on Sets, Set Methods, frozen set.

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What Will You Learn?

  • basics of python coding

Course Content

python introduction

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