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Module 1:

Fundamentals of HTML

Elements, character entities, horizontal rules, line breaks, paragraphs, working with citations quotations and definitions, comments, Working with Text, Formatting text with HTML elements, organizing Text in HTML, Working with Links and URLs, Creating Tables, Working with Images and Colors, Working with Forms.


Module 2:


Overview of CSS

Syntax of CSS, CSS selectors, inserting CSS in HTML document , creating and using external, internal and inline CSS Styles.

Backgrounds and Colour Gradients in CSS 

Background of a webpage – setting the background color and image, Fixing and scrolling a Background Image, setting multiple background images, color properties, gradient properties

Fonts and Text Styles

Font properties in CSS, introducing Web Font, applying CSS to text.


Module 3:


Overview of JavaScript

Features of JavaScript, using JavaScript in an HTML document, Programming Fundamentals of JavaScript – Lexical Structure, variables, Operators, Control Flow Statements, Popup boxes

JavaScript Functions and Events

Working with Functions, setTimeout() method, setInterval() Method, onclick() event, onload event, Mouse events, reset event, onsubmit event.

JavaScript Objects

Objects in JavaScript – properties of an object, methods of an object, Built-in JavaScript Objects


Module 4:



Introduction to Bootstrap, Working with Bootstrap: Introduction to Bootstrap, Setting up Bootstrap, Bootstrap Grid System, Bootstrap image Gallery, Bootstrap typography, Bootstrap Blockquotes and Lists, Bootstrap Code Blocks, Bootstrap Table Classes, Bootstrap Button Classes, Bootstrap Dropdown.

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