23048_Beyond Borders: International Multilateral And Bilateral Diplomacy

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About Course

This course, “Beyond Borders: International Multilateral And Bilateral Diplomacy” offers students a comprehensive exploration of economic diplomacy. Over 30 hours, students will delve into the intricate realm of international economic relations, focusing on the economic aspects of diplomacy without delving into political theories. The course covers topics ranging from international trade and investment diplomacy to the role of economic sanctions, the dynamics of global economic organizations, and the ever-evolving landscape of economic diplomacy in the digital age. Through case studies and real-world examples, students will gain insights into India’s role in this field, equipping them with valuable knowledge and analytical skills for understanding the complex web of international economic diplomacy.

Course Outcome

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of economic diplomacy, including its historical context and the roles of economic diplomats and institutions.
  • Analyze the impact of international trade agreements and investment treaties on economic relations between countries, with a particular focus on India’s trade diplomacy.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of economic sanctions as a diplomatic tool and its consequences on global trade, using real-world case studies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the key international economic organizations and forums, and assess India’s participation and contributions in shaping global economic policies.
  • Engage critically with emerging trends in economic diplomacy, such as the digital economy, climate change, and sustainable development, while recognizing the challenges and opportunities they present on the international stage.



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Course Content

Course Content

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Unit 1 – Chapter 1 – Introduction to Economic Diplomacy

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