Photonic Crystals


The aim of this course is to give an introduction to Photonic Crystals. Photonic Crystal are
widely used in many high end applications. In this course, we introduce the most important
concepts underlying periodic structures like photonic crystals, their applications, and
fundamental ideas. The course is intended for students and researchers with a knowledge of basic
quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and solid state physics. An attempt will be made to give a
concise mathematical background if and when required. Experience in simulation will be useful

Topics for this course

1 Lessons30h

Unit 1: Introduction?

Introduction to periodic structures, Bloch theorem, Photonic crystals and types, Photonic band gap, photonic crystals in nature, General applications
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Unit 2: 1D Photonic Crystals?

Maxwell's equations and boundary conditions, 1D binary/ternary photonic crystal systems, transfer matrix method, Simulation of photonic band gap and Transmission spectra of a binary photonic crystal system, applications.

Unit 3: 2D Photonic crystals?

2D triangular/square lattice Photonic crystal systems, simulation of Photonic band gap of a 2D triangular lattice photonic crystal, variation of photonic band gap with various parameters, 2D defect based photonic crystals, Different types of defects, defect mode, applications, introduction to the software for simulation of the photonic crystals

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  • Science and engineering students,staff and researchers