Spectral Interpretation of Organic Compounds


  1. Certificate course in Spectral Interpretation of Organic Compounds is a 20-hour online programme which helps in elucidating organic structures by the usage of modern
    spectroscopic data.
  2. The skill to analyse a spectrum is a pre-requisite in the fields of research and industry.
  3. The course aims to develop problem-solving skills with an adequate number of worked-out examples.


  • General introduction to spectroscopy, regions of electromagnetic spectrum, organic structures, different functional groups, degree of unsaturation.
  • Ultra-Violet (UV) spectroscopy: The nature of Ultra-Violet spectroscopy, quantitative aspects of
    Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
  • Infra-Red (IR) spectroscopy: Absorption ranges and the nature of IR absorption.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy: General introduction, chemical shift in 1H NMR
    spectroscopy, spin-spin coupling in
    1H NMR spectroscopy, analysis of 1H NMR spectra, rules for spectral analysis.
  • 13C NMR spectroscopy: Coupling and decoupling in 13C NMR spectra, DEPT, shielding and characteristic chemical shifts in 13C NMR spectra.
  • Basics of Mass Spectra. Problems related to the structural determination of organic molecules from spectra

What Will I Learn?

  • After successful completion of this course candidate will acquire skills required to elucidate any complex organic structure from spectra.
  • Completion of the course can make the candidate prepared to attend any related problems in national level competitive examinations and interviews.

Topics for this course


Module 1?

Chemical Shifts in 1H NMR
Assignment 1: 1H Chemical Shift Values
Quiz 1: Intoduction to spectroscopy

Module 2?

Coupling constant

Module 3?

Chemical shift, Coupling constants, Spectral Interpretation

Module 4?

C13, Mass and IR specro techniques

Final Quiz?

Whole syllabus

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Really a wonderful course from a wonderful instructor.He made everything possible to let us get in line with the course.we never felt hard,or going out of mind.I have a sense of satisfaction for knowing something which of real life application oriented,and also for spending this quarentine days into some sort of really meaningfull days. this was stirring me to think. assignment,quiz and final exams.... though I missed my college days...I really not felt so becouse of this marvelous institution and its concern over us. though it is completely free I really felt benefitted more than to that one we would be ready spend our bugs.once again thank you st. Aloysius college and to my instructor.plse don't have a second thaught if u get a chance to do this

It's very informative

Very good explanation and I am happy that you did a lot of problems based on spectroscopy

Thank you so much sir for giving us such a useful knowledge about spectroscopy.

Spectroscopy is a topic with high relevance and have a vast area to learn. To digest it, is a very big task. But by the help of Jeesu Sir, I have understood the basic concept of each spectroscopy. The presentation that Sir have shown were very informative and helpful to me. Not only he has covered the whole syllabus, but he has also trained us to do various practice problems which help us to perform in various competitive examinations. It has also made a shift in our approach towards attending the competitive examinations, as it helped us in gaining more confidence. So I thank the St. Aloysius College, Mangalore for coordinating this online class and especially our coordinator Jeesu Sir for his hard work taking such a challenging task to make it a success.

Appreciating St. Aloysius College and the coordinator Jeesu sir for the wonderful effort taken. The classes were really helpful and informative.Thank you.

class are really good and informative.

I feel really lucky to be selected under this course. I felt this was the best way to understand a concept. All the concepts were clear and well explained. I thank St. Aloysious College and all the faculty members for conducting these type of informative online courses.

The course is very helpful and useful. The way of explaining in short period of time is also very good.The content is very clear, the practice problems are carefully constructed as well as applicable and challenging.

Very informative!The way of teaching is really good..This course is very helpful to understand the basics of spectroscopy and also for competitive exams.
Thanks to SAC and also to course coordinator Jeesu sir.

Very informative course which helps us to learn spectroscopy in easier way. To acquire knowledge in this lockdown time this was a wonderful platform to us. The teaching was very effective and the concepts are made clear.
Thanks a lot to St. Aloysius college and course coordinator Jeesu sir.

The class is quiet unassumable.. The way of presentation is excellent..there is conceptual clarity.. the course is very helpful for me.. best ever class.. thanks to SAC and also to course coordinator jeesu sir ..

Classes are really good and informative.

Spectroscopy was one topic which i was always interested during my Masters but i got very less opportunity to learn from experienced faculties. But COVID-19, gave me a wonderful chance to fulfill my desire. Thanks to Jeesu sir and St Aloysius College for organising this online certificate course. Very special thanks to Jeesu sir for providing lots of learning experience by solving NET questions, teaching in simple manner, for very well powerpoint presentation, to sticking on time (punctual) and for clarifying my doubts offline. Thanks for this great learning sir.

This course is informative and very helpful to students during such a period of lockdown in acquiring knowledge about basis of spectroscopy and interpretation of spectral data ...

Very informative class and excellent way of teaching. Concepts are well understood and this course is very helpful to understand the basics of spectroscopy. Thanks to the chemistry department of SAC and the course coordinator Jeesu sir.

Excellent way of teaching. The concepts are made clear and the course will be really useful for those who want to crack competitive exams.

This course is helpful and builds on your basic understanding of spectroscopy.

The way of teaching is really commentable.. very easy to understand and effective.. Thankyou ..

This class is very helpful to understand the basics of spectroscopy, especially I could grasp much more basic ideas about NMR spectroscopy. Very nice way of teaching which will definitely understand by all students from different disciplines. Thank You SAC.

I had been in different spectroscopy classes from my under-graduation but this is the first time I am seeing the concerned faculty covering the syllabus from very basic level and then builds up concepts so as to tackle problems appearing in the competitive examinations. This is done in a very lucid manner that even the students from non-chemistry disciplines could understand to a considerable level. Secondly when the chemistry department of SAC organises something we could see the perfection from the very beginning to the end, the same can be witnessed here too. Congratulations to the Chemistry department of SAC and the course coordinator Jeesu Sir for organising it well. Looking forward for many such events in near future. Cheers !

Very informative! A good way of conveying the conceptual part. Problems are always a problem! Anyone could love solving them after getting such good basics.
In a very short time, a lot of topics have been covered and very well understood.
No doubt it is the best course ever!!!
Thanks to SAC and course coordinator Jeesu sir!

Very informative class and very easy to understand


I found this course very helpful for my academic pursuit. The presentation is nice, detailed & clear and the concepts are well understood.

Very good way of conveying

Best tutorial ever!!!! Very informative and easy to learn!!
Thanks to St.Aloysius college and the course coordinator Mr.Jeesu George for providing this opportunity to us.Its very helpful to know the basics of NMR.

Informative class

It is very good idea. in the lock down period your conducting online course is very good idea



  • Mobile phone with installed apps recommended by the instructor

Target Audience

  • M. Sc students who have studied organic chemistry at B.Sc level