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About Course

Students will gain the basic skills and project-based experience needed for entry into web application and development careers.

What you Learn?

  • To develop a web application using HTML, CSS and PHP technologies.
  • Students will be able to connect a PHP program to a DBMS (MYSQL) and perform insert, update and delete operations on DBMS table.
  • Students will be able to write a server side PHP web application to catch data sent from client, process it and store it on database.

What Will You Learn?

  • Student will be familiar with client server architecture.
  • Able to develop a web application using HTML, CSS and PHP technologies.
  • Students will gain the basic skills and project-based experience needed for entry into web application and development careers.

Course Content

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Introduction to HTML
In this lecture we are going to see , what is web page , what is the purpose of web page . Introduction to html , basic structure of HTML code and text content tags like etc., and about self closed tag and container tags.

HTML Tags 1
In this lecture we are going to see the basics of HTML Tags.

HTML Tags 2
In this video Lecture the next level of HTML tags were discussed like insert , delete, strikeout tags, meta tag, different types of list tag were discussed .

HTML Tag 3 (definition list,image tag etc)
Watch video lecture 4 , then try all the exercises which we discussed in the video lecture .

HTML Tag 4 (Table Tag and its attributes)

HTML Tag 5 (iframe tag and its attributes)
It about how to embed another website or video in your web page , also how to add google map of a particular place in your web page.

How to upload assignment

HTML Tag 6(form tag and input tag)

HTML Tag 7 (Textarea Tag and other Input Tags)

HTML Tag 8 (Label Tag, Fieldset Tag, Legend Tag and advanced Tag in HTML 5)

Introduction to CSS

CSS: ID selector , Text Decoration and Text Alignment Properties.

CSS: Text spacing , Text indent , Pseudo element and Pseudo classes

CSS: Box Properties

CSS:Class Selector and Background Properties

CSS:List Property and Table Property

Introduction to PHP
In this lecture discussed , introduction to PHP , why PHP , how PHP works and variables in PHP.

Variables and conditional statements and looping statements in PHP

PHP Array : indexed array and associative array

PHP : Handling Form Data

PHP: Working with Databases and SQL – Lecture 1

PHP: Working with Databases and SQL – Lecture 2

PHP: Working with Databases and SQL – Lecture 3

Executing PHP with MYSQL Database using Mobile Apps

PHP Program with MYSQL Code

The final exam of the course: QUIZ (everyone must attempt 30 marks) It is scheduled on 22nd April 2023 , only once you can attempt.

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3 years ago
The course was very well explained, it was very informative. This course was very helpful as I didn't know CSS and PHP before.Thank you mam.
3 years ago
Your explanation awesome
Thank you Ma'am for such insightful course. It was very thoroughly explained and easy to understand.
Being commerce student and learning programming was a nice experience.

(I had enrolled this course beforehand, but my laptop had an accident. So I thought of skipping this course. But after watching videos on phone, I had an urge to complete this course.)

Thank you for all your efforts in helping us learn more.
3 years ago
Respected madam ,
Your web programming class was really amazing , before attending this course i was facing difficulty in forming html codes but after attending to your class i came to know lots of lots of tags in html, css and php. thank you a lot for this course madam . Though I am an 10th standard student i got to know each and every topic of web programming , its all because of you madam . Thank you madam.......
definitely your piece of knowledge will definitely help me in my future . Thank you madam once again
3 years ago
Thanks a lot ma'am for teaching this wonderful course. You explain each and every concept with a nice explanation and examples. I learned a lot and benefited from your course! I really enjoyed your classes and felt like I am attending the live classes in the classroom. Thank you so much ma'am. You are an amazing lecturer. :)
3 years ago
Mam...u are teaching in the way that I being B.Sc PCM student..now regretting for not taking up computer science earlier!!! Thank you for making the concepts so simple, interesting and understandable.
3 years ago
Detailed explanation of every concept with ppt.
It was very helpful 👍
3 years ago
It was very useful and very good 👍
3 years ago
It was very useful mam
3 years ago
Your explaination is very clear mam .very helpful.
3 years ago
Thanks for this course ma'am this is very helpful, i have learnt many things as well as this course helped me to recall all the concept which i have learned earlier
3 years ago
Simple and clear guidelines are given. Beginners can follow the course easily. Everything is well explained. Thank you!
3 years ago
Great teaching....... She is teaching the way anybody can understand.
3 years ago
Very useful for beginners 🙏
3 years ago
👍👍 very well explained , talking into account all students even without programming background. It was a wonderful and informative course . Thanks Ma'am.
3 years ago
Please provide ppt for all videos.
3 years ago
Awesome maam
3 years ago
Superb maam👌
3 years ago
Very Helpful For Beginners
3 years ago